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Frequently Asked Questions about

What Is This? is an RSS aggregator that collects and organizes links to SEO news stories. We do this using publicly available RSS feeds.

What Sites Are Included?

Currently we're aggregating all stories from Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, SE RoundTable, The Official Google Webmaster Blog and of course WTFSEO. I may play with sprinkling in some other sites, as long as they use a standard RSS format - and not whatever Moz is using.

Who Made This? Why?

This website was created by Ryan Jones as a personal project to make his life and the life of his SEO team easier. It's inspired by a spreadsheet tracker that one of his team maintained, but is really a direct ripoff of Ryan's Detroit Sports News Aggregator

How Does it Work?

This site aggregates RSS feeds provided by the sites themselves. It caches them for a minimum of one hour, and updates them when somebody visits and the cache file is more than 1 hour old. Stories are not saved long term. When a site removes a story from their RSS feed, it will no longer show up on this website (after our 1 hour cache expires.)

Why Are Some Dates weird?

This site takes the dates that publishers put in their RSS feed. Many SEO publishers try to "game" the system by manipulating their article dates in RSS so they show up first in search engine news results. (or, their server is in a different time zone where it's already the future!) As for why some Google articles show up as being posted in 1970, your guess is as good as mine.

Why Ads?

Bandwidth isn't free.